Sometimes, we as humans need to escape the terrors and hardships of life. We want to be able to express ourselves and release built up stress, but many people have an inability to listen.  Sometimes, we feel as if no one cares, or there is no one who understands our unique individualities. Consequently, finding ourselves drowning in our own solitude, depression, identity, or regrets.

This burden restricts us from living a healthy and meaningful life. My CPR Lifeline is an outlet for those who do not have a listening ear. Additionally, it is a way for you to vent what you feel you cannot express to your everyday circle. My CPR Lifeline is not a counseling service. You can release your problems and secrets to a trusted individual without them ever being repeated. Our company is located in Atlanta, GA. If you feel as if you may require additional help, we can connect you to our certified life coach or, for deeper issues, our partnered counselors.

Here at My CPR Lifeline, we keep our employees anonymous for your protection and theirs. No one will ever know that you are talking to a specific person. Therefore, no one could ever call and ask questions about what you talk about! It is a form of confidentiality. You are in good hands with us!

CPR Calls
CPR Calls
CPR Calls
Schedule personal calls for yourself, if you need a listening ear or feel alone in the world. We will call you at the appointed time.
Life Coaching
Life Coaching
Life Coaching
We would love to help you transition and adjust to any altering situation in life. Our certified life coaches are fully equipped to help move you forward, motivate you, and challenge negative cognitions.
Motivational Speaking
Motivational Speaking
Motivational Speaking
Book us for events and conferences. Our life coaches are here to motivate the world with our personal life experiences and lessons. We relate, we inspire.

CPR Calls are set for 30 minutes or an hour. If you feel that you need more time, please email us and we will set up special prices and times. Each member gets 10 minutes added to one call per month. Just pick a package and fill out the info sheet with the days and time you would like to talk and we will call you on that day, five minutes before the initial start time!


For life coaching or counseling services contact A. Legend at:

Disclaimer: My CPR Lifeline is not a counseling service and will not be held responsible or liable for any life
decisions that the customer makes. This service is solicited for a listening ear and encouraging conversation.
When you purchase a package, you acknowledge that you understand the terms of services.

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If you have any questions please use the contact form below or email alegend@mycprlifeline.com

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